Other Free Energy Methods & Devices

Heating Systems
Seeing winter approching once again I'll be attempting a new ways of trying to heat the lab while waiting for parts to build the a variety of heating projects, J tube rocket mass heater, solar evacuated tube panel, cold fusion and water stratification system.

J tube Mass Heater Rocket Stove
SHP 1 Solar Heating Panel
SHS 1 Solar Heating System

One system that I haven't looked into much is the induction heating method, here are a couple of links to kinda of give you an idea of what I'm looking at:

Magnetic Heater
Magnetic Energy Water Heater copper Tube Design.

The first video is what I will be studying to find if there is any energy economy using this method and also if the design can be improved upon.
The first design modification I'll do is the angle of the fins attached to the inner copper tube, instead of having the fins run at right angles to the tube, I'll run them along the length of the tube so that a fan can be attached to the spinning shaft to provide air flow through the fins, also the fins could be slightly corrugated to provide turbulence.
Magnetic Heater
Magnetic Heater side view
Magnetic Heater front view
Wow, inital amp draw of the 12 volt dc motor free spin was 1.3 amps, 15.6 watts, when the motors shaft was introduced into a copper tube the amp draw shot up to 5 amps, 60 watts and did heat the tube but only warm to the touch.

Cold Fusion Heating Systems
Cold Fusion (home heating)
Space Heater Prototype