Glass Solar Panel Prototype 1.0

After many panel builds I think I've found a way to rival
factory made panels durability and most importantly price.
The longest part of a build is actually the unit housing the solar cells,
factories usually laminate the solar cells in plastic then affix to a mylar board with
an aluminum frame and a glass or plxie glass cover.

The Idea
The solar cells are all wired together in advance, exactly like factories do except
once wired they are placed on a appropriate size pane of recycled glass or plxie with forms around the glass.
Epoxy or fiber glass resin is poured over the cells assembly which would also include the connector terminals.

Once hardened the forms could be removed and your pane of glass has become a solar panel.

I know this is basicly the way large companies assemble their panels but using resin bonded to glass should be very resistant harsh climate.

2 New prototypes :
GSP 1 (20 watts)
GSP 2 (40 watts)
GSP 2 (back)

Update Aug 26, 2013
After only 1 week in the sun, the resin that in-cased the solar cells began to peel off the glass. I believe the trapped air between the glass and the cell expanded and eventually broke the bond between the glass and resin.
GSP 1 peeled off glass
GSP 1 back
GSP 2 starting to peel
The one thing I did find out from this proto-type is that when the cells are in-cased within the resin, the whole panel of cells become much more resistant to bending. As you can see in the first and second picture the cells are warped and I can actually press firmly down on the cells and straiten them out without them breaking which is something you can never do with a regular cell.

The 80 watt panel I made that's been in service for two years now, is only putting out about 20 watts because of peeling welds and warped cells and the reason for this is the cells are exposed to humid air between the glass and the cell.

I replaced the bad cells and re-welded all faulty connections then I painted the entire front of the cells panel with resin. The resin holds everything in place extremely well and at the same time protects the cells, I even left the panel uncovered in the rain (without the pane of glass installed) to see what would happen and to my surprise it did nothing so on with the pane of glass and back into service. Only time will tell if the coat of resin helps any.

Regards Hitman.