80 watt solar panel DIY

Alright, I know I didn't finish my post on the 22 watt panel
but this one can't wait.
First I got a really excellent deal on the cells 6in X 3in. .55volts 4.0amps per cell
only $32 bucks on ebay.com
Heres the cells:

For this panel I went all out !! I wanted this one to be perfect hehe so I went out and bought a piece of 1/4in plywood and 3/4in square pine and measured everything out very carefully.

I put it together and gave it 4 good coats of varnish.

I cut my tabbing ribbon to the correct lengths

Here I'm using a flux pen to apply flux to the soldering joints.

I then slodered the buss ribbon to each of the 36 cells.

I then applied some high temperature silicone to the back of each cell.

I proceeded to weld each of the cells all in series.

I need more pics, I'll finish updating this later


After about 12 months I still haven't been able to find a free or junk pane of glass to cover the entire panel, I went to my local window shop and they wanted $40.00 for a piece that big !!! so I ended up siliconing 2 pieces along the length of the panel.(you can see in the pic below, from the right the second bus line is blurry in the picture, that is where my seam is.

It has now been installed for 5 months and seems to be holding out pretty good, even on cloudy days it still produces 18 volts. :)

Cheers Hitman