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    Hitman says:September 25, 2012 at 15:09

    Replication started today with the coil, the orignal design was a 4000 wind bifiler, but I want additional winds so my design is a 4000 wind 7 filer with the idea that any left-over winds could be used to generate power.
    Heres the coil (sorry bout all that green tape, I'll remove it and take better pics later):
    <img src="../images/Coil4000.jpg" />

    I recieved the sphere magnet I ordered from today and will start some testing tonight.
    Magnet info: Neodymium sphere N48 - 3/4in dia.

    I've got it running on 1.3 volts at 240 micro amps.

    Cheers Hitman

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