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    Hitman says:September 25, 2012 at 15:25

    The amp draw was faulty using my DMM, I discovered this when I tried to measure the output amps with my DMM and I used an analog amp meter on the input amperage.

    The analog meter was reading around 100ma but again this could be flawed cause the mili amps range was not in the scope of the meter.

    Cheers Hitman

    PS: that would make a nice birthday gift (wink, wink) thats an analog miliamp meter... :)

    Not using any cap, only parts are 120v - 12v transformer, 2n3055, 50k pot.
    The orignal system on a full charge only lasted 18min before there was no longer enough voltage to keep the small relay on.
    Testing the same system now only modified using the SJT and 120v led lights, The system is using 250ma, that includes the relay amp draw and I am nearing the 6 hour mark with only a few tenths of a volt drop.

    Heres the solar powered model :)

    Time for change !
    After testing this circuit for about 2 weeks now, it is very clear that this is the way to go for lighting.

    Currently the exterior of the lab is lit with 6 X 10mm 100ma leds using a 6 volt battery and a 22 watt solar panel which allows for constant lighting during the night via a small mosfet light sensor switch and the system recharges during the day, even in overcast weather.

    The whole system uses about 500ma during operation, now with the SJT circuit I'm able to run 12 X 2watts and the light output far superior to the LED lights currently in operation. I switched from using 6 leds to four 120volts 2watt bulbs which still output much better light and the 6volt battery never drops below 6.2 volts which is a good thing.

    Next is to replace the interior lights :)

    I am now able to light a 9 watt CFL along with 4 LED lights at 6volts but only once the cfl was heated up. At 12volts input the cfl would self start drawing 1.2amps then down to 702ma.
    The total output was 17 watts of light for 8.2watts of input.

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