John Bedini's Monopole Mechanical Oscillator

First let me thank Mr Bedini for making his invention available to the public so that we may all learn whats true and whats false.

This is not my first attempt to replicate Bedini's Monopole Mechanical Oscillator, in fact its my fourth. My first three attempts were not what I expected, but thats because of the wide variation in parts and material I used to operate the SSG circuit.

The best advice I can give someone that wishes to replicate this device is to follow to the letter what Mr Bedini says to use in the SSG circuit, also the magnets should be made of ceramic and try to use new batteries or ones that you know can still be charged, you'll be disapointed if you try to reclaim unknown old batteries that might be shorted or dry. Not that reclaiming old unrechargable batteries is impossible but it takes quite a few cycles of discharging then charging and one would get the impression that the device don't work, for example I had 2 PeaVolt 6VDC 4.0A/H that had been sitting outside for 3 years with no charge and being froze in the winter. 1 of the batteries was even buldging from sulfication, after many many charge cycles I have reclaimed them both and for an added bebefit, they both get to full charge in about 2 hours.

The only variation I made was to use cloths hanger wire for the core of the bifiler coil cause I had no welding rods, anyways Mr Bedini said that the welding rods are not the only things you can use just as long as your core does not magnetize.

Heres Mr Bedini's schematic I used:

Heres how to wind the bifiler coil properly:

Heres the SSG Starters Guide in pdf format:

Download SSG Starters Guide
Test results and video as soon as I get my camera batteries charged.
Alright my camera works finally so lets start off with a nice pic of my replica:

I think the hardest part of this build was in tuning the coil for best rpm's to amperage, the way I was doing it was backwards !! While surfing the net once more I found a page on 1 guys bedini project with a nice explanation on how to tune the coil using the self oscillation it produces when high resistance is applied to the coil. Simply turn up your pot to maximum resistance apply power and move a magnet over the coil a couple times and it will osscillate without the wheel turning, just turn down the pot till it stops osscillating, that will give you an idea of where it should be set too. Remember its the best rpm's to the lowest amperage (about 100 ma).

I must admit this is a great battery charger and very fast ! Now that I'm satisfied with the performance of my Monopole Mechanical Oscillator I think I'll have to step up the power output by adding some slave coils :)

Heres Mr Bedini's schematic:

UPDATE Aug 09, 2009
Found a new method of tuning the circuit, simply take a white LED connected in series with a 420ohm resistor (may vary depending on how many ma's your led takes) then connect the other end of the resistor to the + of the charging battery and the other end of the led to the - of the charging battery. NOTE Make sure to disconnet the charging battery and that the wheel is stopped. I added short wires going to the + and - so I could move around with the led a little. You now have a timing light for your Bedini motor, simply start up your bedini motor, let it get to max speed and then point the led to the top of your bifilar coil and adjust with your variable resistor, so that the freeze frame that the led produces of the magnet is closest to the core of your coil. This seems to be a pretty accurate method of tuning the bedini circuit.

I've now constructed a new version of my Monopole Mechanical Oscillator but this time with the possibility of adding up to 7 slave coils. I currently have it running with 1 bifilar coil and 1 slave coil, it went from outputtin 69ma to 145ma. I'm now winding another slave coil. more updates and data to come...

Here is my second replica of the SSG with almost exact specs.

My first 3 pole monopole, coils and alignment needed much improovment but still it preformed well.

SSG using a VHS video head assembly my rotor and bearings, this this was fast and I was using a makeshift bifilar coil....

This is a 3 pole monopole made with the video head assembly, man I was scared of the speed of this thing, I even added a pickup coil and rectifier with a whopping 40V DC at 100 miliamps. I used a Hz meter to calculate the rpm's which were hitting 3000 and battery charging was excellent.

I'm gonna be building a new generator soon using all the specs for the SSG only using a much smaller rotor......I've never used a new battery with the monopole energizer, it usually takes about a month of charging & discharging before the battery starts to respond like it should but WOW !!! with a new one it only took it an hour to charge from 12.87 to 15.15
I cant wait to see how it preformes :)